• HeartiSense
  • Features

HeartiSense consists of apps and a sensor kit that can be attached to a manikin that currently has
no CPR feedback function. These components provide real-time feedback to trainees about their
activities during training, and can be used for both CPR training and assessment. HeartiSense will
enable users to learn CPR activities accurately.

HeartiSense is easy, interactive, and smarter than any other devices.

    • Easy
    • HeartiSense is very easy to use. Designed to have a thin and flexible shape, the HeartiSense kit can be easily installed in most existing manikin models. Open the skin of a manikin, install the kit inside, and download a HeartiSense app to the mobile devices of trainees and instructors, and anyone can simply use HeartiSense.
    • Interactive
    • HeartiSense not only increases the interest of the CPR trainees with real-time interaction, but also helps instructors and trainees share feedback, which enables more efficient training. Using real-time feedback and a realistic interface, HeartiSense users can learn CPR more accurately. HeartiSense also provides higher quality training by monitoring a number of trainees and offering immediate feedback.
    • Smart
    • CPR training and assessment using HeartiSense is highly precise and efficient. Furthermore, all training and assessment data is digitally saved, allowing for more convenient trainee management and utilization of various analysis results.