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  • HeartiSense apps support mobile devices with at least Android 4.3 or iOS 8. For further device information, refer to the manual.


  • You can purchase our product at the nearest retail store (see the purchase page). If there is no store nearby, please contact info@imlabworld.com for more information.


  • The HeartiSense kit is assured for quality for two years from the date of purchase. The receipt of purchase is required. For customers without a receipt of purchase, we offer two-years assurance from the date of manufacturing.


  • Should your HeartiSense kit experience any problem, please contact the retail store where you purchased your product and proceed with any after-sales service.


  • Become a member at the LMS website (heartisense.com/LMS) and register with your license. With your LMS ID you can log in into the HeartiSense Monitor and HeartiSense Test apps to send assessment data, and enjoy the data management function through the LMS server.


  • HeartiSense Monitor can connect four users at the same time, and HeartiSense Test can simultaneously connect four groups (eight users).


  • HeartiSense is an independent product to be inserted within a manikin, so the HeartiSense package does not contain a manikin inside. If you already have a manikin, you can attach our product to your manikin. If you want to purchase a manikin with our product, please contact a nearby retail store.


  • SinceHeartiSenseappscanoperatewitharangeofmobiledevices,theydonothaveanexclusivetablet.Ifyouwanttopurchaseatablet,pleasecontactanearbyretailstore.