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You can use HeartiSense apps after installing them to their mobile devices.
With the apps, you can receive real-time feedback for CPR training, and the apps help
monitor and assess up to 6 trainees.

* Depending on the model of the HeartiSense kit, the type of apps that can be connected may vary.
For recommended mobile devices, refer to the User Guide.

HeartiSense Student

heartisense trainer

The HeartiSense Student app provides real-time audio-visual feedback for trainees’
activities and helps trainees to learn a wide range of details about CPR, and to practice
CPR based on scenarios.

  • Real-time audio-visual feedback
  • Scenario-based learning process
  • Step-by-step inspection of learning progress
  • HeartiSense Student is installed in trainees’ mobile
    devices and connected to Bluetooth in the
    HeartiSense kit installed within a manikin.

HeartiSense Instructor

heartisense instructor

The Heartisense Instructor app is designed for CPR instructors. It lets instructor control student
app and provides gudiance for overall traning. Also, it can be linked with heartisense LMS to manage and store the CPR training data. In Test mode, pre-made settings based on international CPR guidelines are available.

  • Real-time student control and monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring and evaluation of CPR
  • Precise feedback is provided for the instructor after the evaluation
  • The storage and the management of the training and the evaluation data
  • HeartiSense Instructor is installed in instructors’
    mobile devices and connected to the HeartiSense kit
    installed within a manikin. The HeartiSense Instructor
    app can be used either together with the student app
    for trainees, or alone without the student app.